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I attended the Arapahoe County Fair July 28-31 to distribute handouts.
While I was there, I had an interesting conversation with a member of the ACSO Tactical team, as he was escorting me to the Free Speech Area where I would be allowed to hand out my electioneering material, about the Federal Law being discussed in Congress at that time regulating assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. I asked him if he would be obeying such a law. He hemmed and hawed, then finally said that he would do what he's ordered to. In the 1960s tradition of Sgt. Joe Friday and Officer Bill Gannon, I've omitted names to protect the innocent.

I was invited to a Griswold meet-and-greet in Aurora on Aug. 21
Jena is a passionate and inspiring speaker. I told her we can make it a clean race, if only between the two of us.
During her presentation, she brought up some death threats which had been made to her. I told some who were
listening that, knowing firsthand public servants who give their lives for just showing up for duty on time, that
I have to respect her courage for staying the course.

I was at the Colorado State Fair, at the Libertarian Booth in the Agricultural Palace,

on Aug. 26th and 30th and Sept. 2nd, and 5th.
While I was there, I had interesting conversations with staffers at the Democratic and Republican tables about whether they are OK with choiceless elections. The Democrats defended the practice from a money saving and staff effort reduction. The republicans took the tasck that if no one else was coming forward to run it was OK, but got real quiet when I brought up Section 5 of the Colorado Bill of Rights.

Eric Mulder, Ross Klopf, and I were at the Denver International Festival Sept. 18
It was at Denver Civic Center Park. I was there with groups and cultures from local First Nations such as the Oglala Sioux to the Hindu's from the far side of the globe.

Brian Peotter, Senate Candidate, and I were at the meet-and-greet in Grand Junction Sept. 24th.
The Libertarian Affiliate of Mesa County, led by Robert Ballard, our LP Candidate for Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, hosted us at 5:30 P.M. at Old Chicago Restaurant, 120 North A. The discussion was lively, and I was forced to rethink a couple of my positions.

I've been traveling to other countries to explore different modes of governance.

In Costa Rica, for example, I learned that they have no army, partly because that helps to prevent military coups. We should also note that last Presidential Election they had candidates from 25 distinct parties. Since none of these received the required 40% of the vote, a runoff election was held between the top two.

So far it looks like we have the most to learn from the Estonians.

Even though I was late, this gives you a great chance to compare me to ALL of my rivals:
League of Women Voters Candidate Forum: Colorado Secretary of State

Brian Peotter, Senate Candidate, and I were at a gathering of Tea Party Patriots in La Junta on Oct. 16th.
The turnout was disappointing. The rumor was that the Republican Stalwarts discouraged creating a spoiler vote situation. And yet those who did appear enjoyed the picnic-in-the-park, and discussion of Libertarian ideas as related to the Republican Party of a bygone century.

My final major appearance was at the Standley Lake High School Political Science Fair
Organized by Tenzin Amdo and Alazae Reyes, 6:00pm November 1st, at 9300 W 104th Ave Westminster CO. Tenzin had arranged a table for my campaign, and had two trifold poster boards on my positions. There were other candidates present, and Ross Klopf (LP candidate for Congress for District 7) and I were inspired by the quality of the questions posed by the students packing the gym and hallways.

After Action Report

The unofficial results of the November 8, 2022 Election, as of 9 pm Mountain time on Wednesday the 9th, are

I have publicly given my concession:
Ms. Griswold,
It is eleven PM in the Mountain time zone. Half of the counties in Colorado have reported in. Looking at your
I can see that you will clearly outpoll me for the office of Secretary of State for Colorado. I hereby concede.
Being a stubborn cuss, I suggest to Ms. Anderson that she is in a better position than I am and should "wait 'til the upstate votes come in!" before giving up hope.
In any case, thank you all for your part in a most stimulating and educational election season. I wish you, Ms. Griswold, well, and request that you include Colorado Constitution, Article II, Section 5 as part of the standard for Colorado elections:
All elections shall be free and open; and no power, civil or military, shall at any time interfere to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage.
And may God be with us all,

I would also like to do a shout out to two other Libertarians: Anthony J. Delgado for earning over 3% of the vote in the Colorado Treasurer race, and to Richard Ward for earning almost 4% of the vote in U.S. Congressional District 8, gaining the spoiler position, so that a majority of votes cast were against the winner. I may not have out-polled the opposition, but I have some hope yet of winning the goal I set on entering this race.

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